Top free good-looking Drupal themes

Top free good-looking Drupal themes

What makes websites and website templates look good? Professional and beautiful design does. It should not detract from the main content; the design also should facilitate the perception of information. In a good design, there are no excessive elements: every text field, a button or a picture are placed purposefully.

It is difficult enough to find both free and good quality themes. So let us introduce a list of the best free Drupal themes (in our opinion, of course). Themes are placed here in no order.

Flat Zymphonies theme

Flat Zymphonies Theme is the one-page responsive theme. It has all needed sections for good storytelling. A big hero image creates a strong impression, a nice color scheme and a minimum of graphic elements make this theme suitable for lots of businesses. In general, the theme has good structure and shows clarity of thought.

Fresh Theme

Fresh theme has a structure typical for a blog: a big hero image and a two column layout. It is suitable for professional blogs and media. It has the stylish design with nice raster effects, such as noise, which create good vibes. The theme has fixed width and isn’t optimized for mobile devices. But we know how to fix this.

Blogger Theme

Blogger theme is good for almost every kind of blog: traveling, health, business, etc.The theme looks simple yet informative. The design of the theme is easy for understanding, it is clean and minimal. You can go over the pages and grasp the meaning without extra efforts. The theme is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Clean Theme

Clean Theme is especially good for tech blogs and business stories. It has classic look with a calm color palette which still has bright blue accents. All in all, the theme makes a solid and positive impression; also it has several page layouts.

Clean Corporate Theme

The Clean Corporate theme is a simple and clean multi-purpose theme by ADCI Solutions. It can be used for professional business and corporate sites, portfolios, and promotion of services. The theme is fully responsive and looks nice on any device.

Nexus Theme

Nexus theme can be used for different kinds of websites: a blog, a portfolio, and other. It has a responsive layout, the overall design is flat and modern. The theme consists of several pages: home, about, blogs, contact, and typography.

Parallax Zymphonies Theme

Parallax Zymphonies theme is a professional responsive theme which will look good on the web, tablet, and mobile versions. This theme has a parallax scrolling effect which is trending. This theme is a good solution for both a business and a personal website.

Multipurpose corporate theme

The Multipurpose Corporate theme is a modern-looking theme by ADCI Solutions. It can be used for professional business and corporate sites, portfolios, events promotions, and more. The theme includes a variety of blocks, a nice portfolio page, a blog page, and a typography page. The theme is fully responsive and looks nice on any device.

Corporate Clean

Corporate Clean is a free Drupal theme which is responsive and looks good on any device. The theme has such features as color module integration, 1-3-column layout support, and slideshow integration. The theme was created in 2011 and is still maintained.

Omega KickStart

This is a simple and modern professional theme which is responsive and well-customized. Commerce Kickstart is a multipurpose theme and it has well-designed shop sections. It also has a blog, about us, and contact pages.


We’ve observed 10 Drupal themes which you can use for your website. All of them are free and ready to use. Remember that the beautiful design of your website and the high-quality graphics аre able to sell your product or service better. I hope you enjoyed the collection.

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