Commercial real estate website

Commercial real estate website: elements and content requirements

On the internet, a competitor is within one click reach. Don’t let your potential customers go to others


Creating a website for your business is a necessary thing in the default mode. But every business has unique characteristics which should be taken into account. 

In this article, we will look at the main features of a commercial real estate website. You will learn what elements and content your website needs to have. Also, we will tell why it’s important to invest in the website creation and where to choose a development company.

Requirements for maintaining a real estate website’s high-performance 

General pieces of advice

  • The navigation, search and filtering tabs. They should be easy and intuitive.

  • Website’s mobile-friendly mode. Professional mobile responsive design is one of the components of your brand. Take care of it.

  • Website’s speed. It should be high.

  • Social media buttons. Through social media, it’s easier to talk with the audience. Don’t ignore this channel. 

  • Pop-ups.  It helps to grab leads. Use every opportunity for this. However, remember about a balance. Many pop-ups can be annoying. 

  • SEO. Promote your website not only using ads. By doing this you can save some money. Check out the article How to conduct a website audit, and learn what tools can help optimize the website work.

Must-have website elements

  1. An agency logo.

  2. Listing search bar. One of the first thing users are searching for is the searching bar. It should catch the eye.

  3. Listing image featured in the header/hero image. It also helps to attract users’ attention on the homepage.

  4. Resource pages. Pages with information for different users, for example for buyers, for sellers, etc. 

  5. Notable listings with the IDX (Internet Data Exchange) Integration.

  6. SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). To keep information between services safe, you should get an SSL Certificate. By owning it you accomplish two goals at once: customers’ trust and an increasing site’s position in the Google ranking.

  7. URL. A keyword reach name of a domain is a great option. But you can also consider a brand URL, the main characteristics of which are simplicity and easiness to spell. 

  8. Contact information. Make sure that contact information is visible and can be found without any difficulties. 

What content should commercial real estate websites contain?

It can be visual and written content. You can provide audio content as well and it will have an audience because the speed of life makes people value their time. 

Here is the must-have content for a commercial real estate website:

  • High-quality photos and videos
    People are easier convinced by visual information. Try to do your best while making qualitative pictures and videos. For real estate website design inspiration read the article about web design trends 2019.
    Here is a tip: make virtual tours. Use spotlight lifestyle images to make visitors think they are the owners of that spot. It’ll force them to make their choice faster.

  • Useful information about the real estate market
    Users will appreciate the value you're sharing, so the credibility of your company will increase.
    What content can it be? The latest news in real estate, market reports, reviews and guides, pieces of advice on buying and selling houses, legal issues of buying or selling a property.

  • Calculator - mortgage, affordability, rent vs. buy, refinance, debt-to-income, etc.

  • The best cases from your practice
    Beautiful pictures of real estate with happy new owners. What can be more persuasive? Except for, perhaps, rave reviews from these exact customers. 

  • Engagement content (tips, articles) for your website blog
    Here can be the tips about maintenance of the future property, some explanation articles about choosing the right real estate company, you can show even what real estate marketing strategies use real estate companies, etc.
    People are happy to give comments and share useful content, and this will help you in promoting your website and the services you provide.

  • Cities’ maps
    It’s important because people go to your website to make a complex decision. Therefore such a little thing as providing the maps will ease their search. Let them feel that working with you is easy already in the first stages of an acquaintance.

  • Agent Roster
    Put here information about your agents. Use qualitative photos and relevant details. Users should know what commercial real estate agents might work with him.

  • Your employees’ and company’s awards
    Your company is your people. Be proud of their achievements and show them to the whole world. By showing successful realtor profile examples you will kill two birds with one stone. First, it’s proof of a reliable company, second, you’ll encourage your employees to do their best.

Here is a tip, how to make your website more personalized: use windows where you tell about yourself to make users’ visit more personal. Don’t forget also to focus on what customers’ problems you can solve, and then how users can contact you. Professional real estate websites should make a good impression on users.

Why should you invest in a real estate website?

  • You will save time

  • You will get qualified leads

  • Your business will survive in the digital era

As Steve Krug said: “On the internet, a competitor is within one click reach. Don’t let your potential customers go to others”.

By making a website you will save time from searching the clients offline as well as you’ll get qualified leads because of SEO.

Note that in the digital era you can’t afford your business not be on the internet. 

According to the national association of realtors, 99% of Millennials search on online websites compared to 89% of Older Boomers and 77% of the Silent Generation.

Generation Categories:

  • Millennials/Gen Y: 1980-1998
  • Gen X: 1965-1979
  • Younger Boomers: 1955-1964
  • Older Boomers: 1946-1954
  • Silent Generation: 1925-1945
  • Only 63% of Gen X visited an open house

  • Older Boomers used a mobile device at roughly half the rate of Millennials

  • Both Younger and Older Boomers used online video sites more frequently than other age groups.

How to find a web development team for creating a website?

Define your budget
Be aware that the costs of creating a website vary, and creating a commercial real estate website can be very expensive because of its complexity.  

Choose the location of a hiring agency
You can work with an agency in your living region or you can work with a remote team, that can save you some amount of money.
If you choose the way of hiring the remote team, we recommend you to search through these platforms:

  • Clutch
    The Clutch is an American research organization that analyzes and does the IT-companies ratings to help businesses to choose partners. See our profile here.

  • GoodFirms
    The GoodFirms provides reviews and ratings of top software companies and products.

  • IT Firms
    The IT Firms does in-depth research and analysis of different IT firms globally. 

Check out the portfolio
Do not start to work with a team unless you saw their work. It’s better to protect yourself from unnecessary worries. Learn more in this article.

Get familiar with FAQ 
The main two questions you should be familiar with before making the website are: 

  • How much time will the creation take?

  • How much money will it cost?
    Learn what elements are included in the cost of website creation and what time it takes in this article.

Now you’ve learned which information a commercial real estate website should contain, why you should invest in the website, and where to find a development team.

We hope this information was useful for you. If you have other questions, contact us, we’re happy to help.

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