First Drupalcamp in New England

First ever New England Drupalcamp will take place on November 1st. ADCI Solutions team doesn't stay back from this significant event. We support and sponsor NEWDcamp with pleasure.

The event will be useful and interesting for both beginners and advanced drupalers. Geoff Robins (Co-founder and CEO of Lullabot) will be the keynote speaker. Additionally 20 drupalists will share their experience and answer the questions. NEWDcamp will have the following sessions: the web design, web development, project management, the history of Drupal and its prospects.

DrupalCamp is a conference that lasts several days and is held around the world. DrupalCamp is bringing together like-minded people from many different countries. The participants make up a program of lectures themselves. Everyone can offer a note to share their knowledge and experience. DrupalCamp has already been held in Chicago, Los Angeles, Kiev, Moscow and many other cities.

Now drupalists will come to New England.

NEWDcamp will be held at Brown University (Providence, RI). You will have a chance to get not only new knowledge, but also enjoy pubs, coffee houses, and go shopping. You can visit the Roger Williams Zoo, have a walk in the parks and enjoy the autumn scenery.

The number of participants is limited. You can register here.

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