Arduino Workshop

Last Saturday at newly opened ADCI Events Hub  Leonid Mamaev, a member of the ADCI Solutions team, held an event called Arduino Workshop, an interactive lesson dedicated to Arduino programming. The main purpose of the event was to explain to the audience that it is not necessary to know physics or advanced programming in order to create simple Arduino projects. Though doubtful at the beginning, participants of the event quickly realized truthfulness of this statement to the full. Under the guidance of Leonid, novice models built their first basic projects with flashing light emitting diodes. Right after those things got a little more advanced and participants were asked to include laser pointers and audio speakers to their Arduino projects.

In the second part of the lesson, Leonid showed his own achievements in this field. To demonstrate that advanced Arduino programmers are capable of creating virtually anything and are limited only by their imagination he brought a device he built that allowed him to control electrical appliances using the infrared sensor and a TV remote control.

The event was attended by 35 people, among whom were both beginners and people studying Arduino in-depth for a long time. It was decided to create Omsk Arduino community and develop it by holding regular events like this workshop.

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